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Selling Your Car

Tips for Selling a Vehicle

According to, dealerships will only offer 25% of a used vehicle's fair market value if that vehicle is over 4 years old. That is more than enough incentive for most consumers to spend a little extra time to sell their used vehicle on their own.

What is the fair market value for your vehicle? The easiest way for you to find this information is to run the Black Book™ report on your credit union's website. Members can choose to search by VIN or by entering the year, make, model, series and style. Your Black Book™ database is updated weekly, so these prices will always be up-to-date for you.

Search Used Auto Values

Another important document to have on hand for potential buyers is the vehicle history report for that particular vehicle. Unless you have a preexisting relationship with the potential buyer, this is an easy way to ease any fears the buyer may have in regards to the vehicle's past. Normally an AutoCheck© Vehicle History report costs $24.99, but it is available for you for only $9.99. This report includes accident history, title and problem check, odometer check, special vehicle use and event check.

Get a Vehicle History Report

In order to sell a vehicle, it is also important to be able to provide as much of the vehicle's service records as possible for the prospective buyer. This is another reason why the myEZ Car Care app is so useful. It allows you to print off the entire maintenance history of the vehicle. The alternative would be to gather up any receipts and service records pertaining to that vehicle and provide the buyer with as much information as possible. It's important for the buyer to know that the vehicle was serviced and cared for properly since these details will effect the number of years the vehicle has left.

Access Service & Maintenance Records

Before posting the ad online, it's very important to take good photos of the vehicle. Ads without photos or with only a few grainy photos will attract fewer prospective buyers. If no photos are included, people may assume there's something wrong with the vehicle and move on to other advertisements.

By providing potential buyers with a Black Book™ report, AutoCheck© Vehicle History report, myEZ Car Care's detailed vehicle service records, you will easily be able to justify the price of your vehicle and make it easier to close the deal.