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Auto Protection Products

Posted on: 6/24/2019

Be wary of dealerships offering beaucoups of add-on items to protect your car. Many of the items they offer can be done elsewhere or even at home for much cheaper.

One add-on to watch out for is rust-proofing, which most automobiles are already manufactured to protect against anyway. Other features that may be offered are VIN etching and fabric protection. Since both of these can be done from home or at a separate location for hundreds of dollars less, it is best not to let the dealership add them. Research should always be done to find what services are necessary and if they can be done for a better price elsewhere.

To avoid paying extra for accessories, simply ask the dealer not to include them with the purchase, or negotiate the entire package instead of each individual component.

Credit unions, on the other hand, do not exist to make a profit. Since all the services they offer are strictly to benefit members and not earn money, credit unions have some of the same coverage as dealers do, only for less. One item credit unions offer is GAP insurance to pay for the difference between a vehicle’s depreciated value and its loan amount if it becomes wrecked. Likewise, they can provide extended warranties to pay for break-downs, towing, and trip interruption, all while never overcharging their members.

Learn more about the auto protection products your credit union offers.