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Car Buying Can Be Confusing

Posted on: 12/2/2016

There are so many websites providing information on how to buy a new or used vehicle that if they were all linked together, it would be the longest website ever created. It never stops.

On the same page of Money & Markets of my local newspaper there were two articles offering information on Some steps to help you find a cheap used car and no-haggle car pricing.

Even though I’m not in the market for either a new or used vehicle I took time to read the articles.

Here’s some sound advice:

  1. Start doing research by reading
  2. Read some more
  3. If buying used remember to have a professional mechanic available to inspect.
  4. Decide if you want new or used
  5. Review what you’ve read
  6. Consult with an expert
  7. Read the material provided by the expert
  8. Go shopping and clear your head
  9. Check public transportation for your area

Before you purchase you might want to consider the choice of negotiating (price) or find a dealer that has fixed pricing and will not negotiate. This is serious business since 56% of buyers actually want to negotiate because they “do not yet trust flat-rate pricing, and they feel that they have to negotiate to get a fair price.”

More research is needed.